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February 3, 2016

CHP contact for enforcement of filming permit conditions

With the help of our Town Council Representative, Anne Chomyn, we have a contact at the CHP, Officer Mike. If there’s an issue with enforcement of filming permit conditions while a CHP officer is on duty, please feel free to reach out. Here's a link to a very responsive note from our previous CHP contact, Officer Mike:

Here’s our CHP contact information: 
Officer Stephanie Norton, CHP 

Also don’t forget if the Altadena Sheriff is on duty at a film shoot, please feel free to contact Sgt. Waterman at the Altadena Sheriff’s Station. Here’s his contact information: 
Sgt Waterman, Altadena Sheriff Station 
O: 626-296-2104 (6a - 5p)


  1. Hi Garima...
    If you do have an occasion to contact Officer Mike or Sgt. Waterman, would you mind reporting back on how responsive they were? Thanks!