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Public access to filming permit data

Film L.A. has been contracted by several local government agencies to provide their filming permit services. These government agencies include Los Angeles County, Los Angeles City and 20 other municipalities.

Film L.A. issues a quarterly summary of filming activity for areas covered by these government agencies in press release form. They also provide Los Angeles County Film Liaison a quarterly report of frequency and complaint data for the unincorporated areas. All of these data are public records.

Neither Film L.A. or any of the government agencies provide this public data in a table form, like a spreadsheet, suitable for analysis. In order to fill that gap, AltadenaFilming has consolidated these pubic data into spreadsheets that may be used by any interested member of the public.

Here's a list of filming permit data for the areas serviced by Film L.A.:
Note: Data from individual filming permits is available on Film L.A.'s Online Permit System. The system is available for public access. It requires a login that is available on request.

Updated 10/31/2017

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