Notice: FilmLA, has updated and reorganized its website. In the process, many of our links to their site were broken. Most have been repaired by referencing archived copies stored at Please let us know if you encounter a broken link.

January 5, 2021

Closing shop

Five years ago, we began posting information about filming in Altadena. Since then, we were able to pass along a lot of facts about filming in our community, the operations of FilmLA and the manner in which the County regulates filming. We also wrote about the economic role filming in Altadena plays in the grand scheme of Los Angeles County's film industry and tried to debunk the scare tactics filming boosters use to thwart regulation of poorly behaved filming companies. All the while, we did our best to ensure that the information that appears on the site was accurate even when County officials and FilmL.A. representatives provided contradictory information about County policies. Our hope for those efforts was to promote fairness both for those who benefit and those who are adversely affected by filming in Altadena.

During those five years, we picked up quite a few visitors: nearly 150,000 visits in total. During peak periods there were 200-300 visitors each day. A lot of traffic for a backroad on the internet.

The time has come to move on. This will be the last posting for  The domain will be surrendered and thrown back into the internet domain grabbag. However, since much of the information here may still be of use, netizens will still be possible to access all the information here at Over time the quality of the information will degrade: links will break, County policies will change and the contact list will grow stale. However, this degradation will be gradual and it figures much of the information found here will remain relevant for a few years.

In closing, I wanted to leave my fellow Altadenans with a few tidbits of advice.
  • If you want to start renting your home for a film shoots, sign up with a broker. He or she will be an invaluable help.
  • If you are having issues with filming on your street, do not rely on FilmLA to take care of the problem. Also, contact the film company's Location Manager and your Altadena Town Council Member for you census tract or the LA County Field Deputy for Altadena.
  • If you have an issue with filming overuse be pro active. Speak to the neighbor who hosts the shoots. Contact your Altadena Town Council representive or the LA County field deputy for Altadena.  Let them know your concern.
  • If you have a question about how filming works in Altadena, read the Altadena Town Council Filming FAQ. It will have most of the information you need.
Finally, we want to thank you all for your interest during the past few years. -0-