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October 20, 2015

Results of Neighborhood Survey for 10/1-7/2016 film shoot on Homewood

The Homewood neighborhood survey the October 1-7,2015 film shoot  is complete and a report is available. Here's the report summary: 

"In the past, the Homewood/Porter neighborhood has been subject to overuse as a film-shoot location. In a recent film shoot, the film-shoot hosts took several unusual steps to address neighbor concerns neighbors about disruptions to neighborhood peace and quiet. After the shoot, a brief survey was taken to poll neighbors’ opinions about the shoot. A large majority found a very low incidence of disruptive factors. However, a minority did find the filming an intrusive disruption." 

Based on the success of this film shoot, this report includes several recommendations for accommodating both those that support film shoots and those who object to them. It also includes recommendations for both FilmLA and our local government.” 

The full report with supporting data is available online. Here's the link: 

Comments on the report are welcome and may be entered on the Homewood Blog at the link below. All comments will be publicly accessible.

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