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December 31, 2015

LA County Filming Advisory Committee

Ever wonder who sets filming policies that guide FilmLA decisions when they grant filming permits? 

I've stumbled on a LA County ordinance that may offer some insight. There is code in Title 3 of the County ordinances that establishes a LA County "FILMING ADVISORY COMMITTEE" (Here's a link to the ordinance:

The Filming Advisory Committee includes five Supervisor-appointed positions and five "ex-officio" positions. The ex-officio members include the director of public works, the director of internal services, the county forester and fire warden, the director of planning, and the county sheriff. A heady bunch. 

While the committee is just advisory, but it could be quite influential. Here's a few things the ordinance says it is supposed to do: 
* Advise filming permit coordination office (i.e. FilmLA) on county policies for issuing filming permits 
* Review the filming permit system, identify problems and recommend solutions 
* Advice filming permit coordination office on major complaints between the public, the film industry, and county agencies 
* Assist the filming permit coordination office to encourage filming in Los Angeles County 
* Suggest ways to insure the film industry's understanding of the need to comply with public interest and safety. 

Out of curiosity, I wondered who might be the supervisor appointees on Filming Advisory Committee. A Google search did not turn up a single informative result. If this Board does exist, it does not appear to have any public presence.

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