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January 15, 2016

Altadena Chamber of Commerce representatives discuss film production concerns with FilmLA

This past Tuesday, (Jan 12, '16) I was invited to attend a discussion between representatives of the Altadena Chamber of Commerce and FilmLA. They met to discuss constructive ways to solve issues that film shoots have caused for businesses in the Altadena Commercial Business District (specifically the Lake/Mariposa area). 

Attendees included: 
FilmLA: Arturo Pina, Jennifer Morales 
LACO Public Works: Greg Graham 
Altadena Sheriff: Sgt. Brian Mann, Deptuy Laura Avelar (my appologies for not catching her name) 
Altadena Chamber Commerce: Meredith Miller, Billy Malone, Dan Harlow, Ed Meyers 
Fly-on-the-wall: me (Ed, Thanks for including me!) 

Chair: by Ed Meyers (the very same from our Nextdoor Blog) 

The meeting was a positive exchange of information and ideas. All of the following topics were discussed at length: timely notification, business access problems, consumption of available parking and impact on businesses during key periods like between the holidays. FilmLA agreed to suggest remedies to these issues. Ed suggested there may be follow up meetings.

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