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January 15, 2016

Do you feel that a film shoot is ignoring the conditions on the permit? Here's what you can do...

Do you feel that a film shoot is ignoring the conditions on the permit? The onsite FilmL.A. Monitor can help. Here’s how: 
  • If you see that the conditions of the permit or neighborhood “Special Filming Conditions” are not met (e.g. parking conditions or blocked intersection views), ask the onsite FilmL.A. Monitor for an explanation and what is being done to resolve the problem. 
  • If the Monitor cannot resolve the problem, they will ask the onsite law enforcement officer to facilitate permit compliance. If the officer on duty does not actively help resolve the problem, the Monitor will then contact his or her supervisor at FilmL.A. Supervisor will then reach out to a Production Supervisor and advise that permit compliance must be adhered to. If Monitor reports back that said production is not complying, we will then notify local law enforcement. 
  • If a you feel that a FilmL.A. Monitor is not diligent in ensuring compliance with permit conditions, call FilmL.A. (213-977-8600), ask to speak with the Manager of the Monitors and reference the permit number on the door hanger . 
  • If you need help finding the FilmL.A. Monitor, ask anyone on the set to help. Often security folks in the iridescent vests are particularly helpful. 
Note: Thanks to Arturo Pina of FilmLA for this write up.

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