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January 13, 2016

FilmLA takes remedial steps to correct permitting missteps

You may have seen the previous posting about a Homewood filming permit issued by FilmLA that violated Homewood Special Conditions. 

We wrote FilmLA expressing our concerns about percieved indifference to LACO-approved conditions. 
We have received a constructive response. FilmLA is now taking steps to ensure they have a procedures in place to do better. It pays to give them feedback! 

If you are interested in their response, here's a link: 

Lesson learned: 
If you live in a neighborhood with Special Filming Conditions, you might consider becoming familiar with the filming restrictions that apply to your neighborhood. If the conditions are violated, FilmLA, with prompting, can take steps to ensure your local conditions are met. 

Here's the Altadena neighborhoos with special conditions: 
* 2150 Mendicino Lane 
* 2185 Layton Street & 2186 Crary Street 
* Altadena Town & Country Club 
* Alzada Street 
* Homewood Drive 
* Rubio Street 
* The Meadows 

If you're interested in a summary of all the Altadena Special Conditions, here's a link:

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