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January 26, 2016

Survey results for January 13-15 film shoot on Homewood

I've compiled the survey results for the recent Homewood Neighborhood survey. We asked neighbors for feedback on the 1/13-15 Eliquis commercial shoot by Humble Productions. 

The full report with the underlying data is available at 

Here's the executive summary: 

On January 13-15, 2016, Humble (Productions) conducted a three-day shoot (including prep/shoot/strike) for an Eliquis commercial. The neighborhood was not properly notified of the shoot. There were several reports that parking conditions were not met and not enforced by the onsite CHP officer. Four out of twelve neighbors described the filming a “major” or “significant” intrusion. The intrusions and lax permit enforcement may contribute to the result that half the respondents report that Homewood is overused as a spot for on-location filming. 

Comments, corrections and suggestions are welcome. To comment, click on this link:

All comments will be publicly accessible and will be added updated versions of the report.

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