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January 13, 2016

Upcoming meeting with FilmLA and LA County Regional Planning

I have been invited to a meeting with LA County Regional Planning and FilmLA. The meeting is a week from Thursday. 

I was asked to suggest topics for discussion. Here's what I suggested: 
"While continuing to actively promote film production in the region, introduce an overall goal of fairness that might be met by the following objectives: 
  • Greater transparency in the permitting process 
  • Clearer guidelines and standards for compliance with filming conditions 
  • Introduction of objective criteria for assessing "frequency of overuse” 
  • Introduction of open community meetings to communicate with neighbors about filming 
  • Establishment of tangible benefits to the local neighborhood or community that are the tangible benefit of local filming." 

As of yet, I don't know what will be on the agenda. 

However, this is an excellent chance to advance any recommendations, comments or concerns you might have about film production in Altadena. If you would like to make a comment or raise an issue, post it here, or send me a 'NextDoor message.' I will collect all the inputs and deliver them to FilmLA and LA County Regional Planning at the meeting.

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