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January 12, 2016

Who's on the Board? (the board of FilmLA)

Who decides if a filming permit can be issued? FilmLA. So I was wondering... who sets the policies for FilmLA? 

After about 10 seconds of digging, I discovered that FilmLA has a Board of Directors. Altogether there are 29 Board Members: 4 are Board Officers, the remaining 25 are Members at Large. 

Who are they? 

FilmLA identifies each members as an "entertainment industry member," a "union/guild member" or a "community member." The break down looks like this: 

Board officers: 3 are union/guild members, 1 is from the entertainment industry 
Members at Large: 9 are entertainment industry members, 7 are union/guild members, 9 are community members. 

For the sake of argument, assume that those 9 community members are the mostly likely to be the advocates for neighbors and neighborhoods. In that case those 9 members at large would of special interest. 

I checked around on the net to find out a bit about each of the 9 'community' board member and here's what I found: 

  • Bill Allen: from the LA economic development corporation 
  • Dr. Allan Boodnick: Community Representative, Ladera Heights Civic Association (no additional info) 
  • Ben Everard: Grey Matters Productions (Variety lists him as COO film production company) 
  • Judy Frank: Asset Strategist, Gensler (Reestate and investment strategist, previously VP of realestate at Warner Brothers, client list includes Fox, Warner Bros., Toronto Film Studios, etc.) 
  • Kim Roberts: Community Representative, Baldwin Hills (no additional info) 
  • Angie McCabe: LBA Reality (no additional info) 
  • Paul Nawrocki: Independent Consultant. A Paul Nawrocki was mentioned in WGA posting as "assistant director of writers guild" 
  • Leron Gubler: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce 
  • Dan Swartz: Quadrangle Development Company (no additional info) 

In summary... 
With the exception of Dr. Broodnick, Kim Roberts, Leron Guber and Dan Swartz, all of the other "community members" appear have business interests that might conflict with advocacy of neighborhood interests. In numbers that's 4 out 29. 

By the way...none are from the San Gabriel Valley. 

I think it fair to say that the San Gabriel Valley neighborhoods under FilmLA jurisdiction may be under represented. 

Note: Until 2008 there was a member at large from Altadena on the FilmLA Board.

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