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February 15, 2016

Altadena Permit Map (2012-15)

Since last summer I've been requesting film permit data from FilmLA. As luck would have it, I stumbled across an online map with the data I've been requesting. (I wasn't even looking!) I don't know who produced it or where it came from, but after a bit of checking, it seems very credible. 

Using data from this map, I created a new map.  This new map shows the filming permits that have been issued to Altadena locations from 2012 to 2015.  Here's a link to this new map: 

A few statistics from the 2012-2015 permit data:
Note:  It appears that permit data south of New York Drive is missing.
  • Total permits listed: 1435 
  • Permits were issued to 441 unique locations (note the actual number is closer to 400 because FilmLA does not use consistent names.)  
  • On average, 478 permits are issued on Altadena each year or about 10 permits per week. 
  • 35% of the permits were issued to 3%  of locations (13 locations were issued 508 permits)
  • 96% of all permits were issued to locations who received less than 4 permits/year
  • 163 permits were issued to Altadena Cemetery 
  • 54 permits were issued to the old Woodbury house 
  • 51 permits were issued to St Elizabeth Church 
Here's a link to a document that summarizes all permits/location: 

Here's a link to document that lists of all productions by name: 

If you have Google Earth, you can get a better view. Here's a .kmz file: 

Any comments, suggestions or corrections are welcome!

Want to see the original map?  CLICK HERE.  Don't be surprised if the link gets busted.  The data may have been posted by mistake.

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