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September 30, 2015

Report on a 'Neighborhood Film Shoot Meeting' on Homewood

Last the neighbors of 15-1600 Homewood met to discuss concerns about an upcoming shoot. I felt it was very constructive. There was great support from FilmLA, the Sheriff’s Department and the Altadena Town Council.

HEADLINE: The Sheriff’s department will enforce the FilmLA permit conditions and the Homewood special conditions.

HEADLINE: Great support from FilmLA, LA County Sheriff, Altadena Town Council

Participants: Dan Cooley. Location Manager; Guy Langman,Film LA; Sgt. Wayne Waterman, Altadena Sheriff’s Department; Sgt. Brian Mann, Altadena Sheriff’s Department; Anne Chomyn, Altadena Town Council, Homewood neighbors.

The Details:
The name of the production is 20th Century Women. The production company is Modern People. It has great cast. On-location dates: Prep: 10/1-1, Shoot: 10/5-6; Strike: 10/7.

Dan Cooley, the location manager for Modern People, described the plan for the shoot. This company (unlike many) has made a special effort to reduce the impact on the neighborhood. If you have concern feel free to contact him.

FilmLA and the Altadena Sheriff’s Department met for the first time prior to the meeting. They agreed on the following approach for the enforcement of FilmLA permit and Homewood Special Filming Conditions:

If the any conditions are not enforced please contact Sgt. Wayne Waterman. Here’s his contact info:
Office phone: 626-296-2104 (6a – 5p)

When questioned about neglect of the permit conditions and the Homewood special conditions, Sgt Waterman was emphatic. Call him and he will see that the conditions are met.

Here’s a link to the Homewood special conditions.

Note: There are a few instances where the filming conditions may be waived. These cases require the approval of the Sheriff and FilmLA. If you’d like details about these exceptions, please FilmLA or the Altadena Sheriff’s Department.

After the shoot, we will be circulating a SurveyMonkey survey to obtain feedback on how the shoot went. When the survey is complete, the results will be forwarded to both FilmLA and the Sheriff’s Department. Hopefully the feedback will help FilmLA and the Sheriff's Department promote respectful and safe filming in our community.

Any errors here are strictly mine. Additions, corrections or suggestion to this summary are appreciated. Also please feel free to send along any questions.

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