Notice: FilmLA, has updated and reorganized its website. In the process, many of our links to their site were broken. Most have been repaired by referencing archived copies stored at Please let us know if you encounter a broken link.

March 2, 2016

Altadena Film Permit Map updated

The Altadena film permit map has been updated.

The map update fixes the following problems in the old map:
  • The count of locations in the old map did not account for different spellings of an address. For example, a "123 Lake Drive" and "123 Lake Dr." previously appeared as different locations. The updated map is uses location data (latitude/longitude) so each location icon is unique. As a result, the duplicates were eliminated and the number of locations was reduced nearly 20%
  • The list of productions is now available with each map icon. Click on the icon and you'll see what was shot there.

Any comments or suggestions about the updated map are welcome!

April 30, 2016 update

Bad news/Good news from FilmLA. We received a note from FilmLA's VP of Integrated Communications. They do not have the IT resources to generate a dataset on filming in Altadena. However, they will seek out direction from our Supervisors and LA County planning to determine what the kind of data they should provide about on-location shooting. This new effort on the part of FilmLA seems very encouraging and we appreciate their willingness to check with the County.

July 29, 2018 update

We have created a new filming map based on LA County film permit data.  Here's the link:


  1. Thanks so much, Kenny, for providing this information and comparison chart. Very interesting! What did the FilmLA guy have to say for himself after not providing information that his organization obviously had?!

    1. Hi Michelle. It's great you also found the information interesting.

      > What did the FilmLA guy have to say

      According to Arturo Pina, FilmLA has very limited abilities in their "IT" department. In January he said they had hired some additional capabilities and that they are "working on it."

      Since then I've sent several requests, but no response so far. In particular I'd be interested in obtaining information about on-location production days.

      Based on the data I've received thus far, if I had access to their raw data, I'm pretty sure I could extract the information without too much trouble.

      One point of interest, the LACO ordinance (Section 2.118.020) that authorizes the creation of a "Film Permit Coordination Office" requires they "Develop records, reports, and statistical data, including but not limited to, complaints, types, and number of permits, violations and area filming schedules." I believe that should mean those are public records.

      Incidentally, any suggestions for how to obtain the data from FilmLA, would be most appreciated.