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June 1, 2016

LA County Supervisors vote to streamline film permitting across the county

For those who missed it...

Last week the Pasadena Star News reported that our LA County Supervisors want all the cities in the county to streamline their film permitting process. They cited the California Film Commission's Model Film Ordinance and Guidelines for Best Practices as a model for adoption.

Here's a link to the story:  LA County supervisors encourage streamlined filming regulations

If you have a chance, take a quick look at the Guidelines for Best Practices. They are  "film friendly." You won't see any recommendations in the Guideline that address concerns about the impact of filming on neighbors.

On the other hand...
The guidelines do recommend that cities protect filming from neighbors.   Here's the text:
"Consider adopting an ordinance parallel with the film permit ordinance that protects the orderly conduct of a permitted film event from persons who interfere.
Is it too much to hope that our Supervisors would have recommended a guidelines that encouraged a more balanced approach that promoted a sense of fairness?

Just sayin'...

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