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July 26, 2016

CityWatch Story: San Pedro Residents suggest filming could be better

Earlier this week CityWatch* ran a story, an OpEd piece really, about a disruptive film production that raised a stir among residents in San Pedro. The piece asserts that shoot would have been less disruptive if FilmLA had done a better job of coordinating with other city departments to delay or downsize the shoot. If they had, the film shoot might not have "annoyed" the locals.

The article raises the prospect of improving the system, but disparages the possibility of obtaining help from city government because "The industry has too much clout." Rather, the writer calls for neighborhood councils to have some "quiet, polite chats" with the film industry in the hope of reaching a better accommodation.

Here's a link to the full story on CityWatch.

*CityWatch is a LA City/County newsletter and website that covers topics on the neighborhood level.

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