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July 16, 2016

The new Altadenafilming listing service

Would you like to meet film location managers who are looking for filming locations in Altadena? If so perhaps you'll be interested to learn of a new service we're providing here AltadenaFilming.

We just started two new listing services:
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The "Community Members" list is intended for those Altadeneans who are interested in meeting film location managers who looking for new locations. The "Location Manager" list is intended for location managers interested in meeting members of the Altadena community who would like to host a film shoot.

Why are we doing this?

It's part of an effort to broaden the benefit the wider Altadena community enjoys from film shoots by supporting Altadena nonprofit organizations.   In other words, if you make a donation to an Altadena nonprofit, we would like to add your name to our list.

To date, Altadena Filming has made an arrangement for an information exchange with Altadena Heritage. If a Altadena community member makes a donation to Altadena Heritage, we can add your information to the list.

Caveat emptor!
The Altadenafilming listing service is just getting underway. Both lists are presently empty. In time we hope the lists will grow and this service will stimulate donations to Altadena non-profits.

Note: Altadenafilming does not receive any benefit from your donation aside from the satisfaction of helping local non-profits.

Altadena Community Chest
It shouldn't go unsaid that the Altadena Community Chest also provides an excellent method for making filming-related contributions to our community non-profits. The Altadena Community Chest is associated with Home Shoot Home which provides location services for production companies wanting to shoot in our community.

The Altadena Community Chest has an impressive record of giving to our local non-profits. Both the Altadena Community Chest and Home Shoot Home are run by our fellow Altadenean, Russ Fega.

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