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August 31, 2016

FilmLA clarifies parking policy for the Altadena Filming Committee

The Altadena Filming Committee has recently received a few questions from the community about film crew parking in Altadena. The committee chair has reached out to Jennifer Morelos of FilmL.A., Inc. for clarification. Here's what the Committee learned.

Question: If film trucks take up the parking on one side of the street, can crew and cast parking take up the other side?

FilmL.A., Inc.: Production companies are allowed to request posting (i.e. no parking signs) only for working production vehicles. For example a grip truck or a picture car. The approved parking will be documented on the permit.

We do not allow cast and crew cars to be parked on area streets. The film permits for your area include the following condition: “No cast or crew parking on area streets”. Consequently, production companies must either park their crew cars and personal cars in an off-site parking lot, or inside the property that is hosting the shoot.
AF: While the permit condition “No cast or crew parking on area streets” does appear on the filming permit, it does not typcially appear on the FilmLA doorhanger notification. However, the actual filming permit with all filming conditions is available to the public on request at the location.

Question: Can production companies request and be approved for posting no parking signs on both sides of the street?

FilmL.A., Inc.: We will not approve a request for posting both sides of the street if the purpose of that request is just for parking.

However, we do allow posting on both sides for getting a specific picture or if there is a safety concern — for example, the road is narrow or winding or if there's a placement near hydrants or red curbs. But these are exceptions and require approval by the Roads Division in the LA County Department of Public Works. If parking on two sides of the street is permitted, it must be staggered so that the trucks do not directly face each other. These requests are rare.

When we do allow posting on both sides of the street, we add the following condition to the filming permit: "Equipment staging and vehicles may park on one side of the street only.”

Question: If it appears that parking conditions are not met, what would you advise?

FilmL.A., Inc.: Contact us. If there's a FilmLA Monitor on site, please call the violation to the Monitor's attention. In the unlikely event that the production does not comply with the conditions, we can ask on-site Law Officers help to ensure compliance. In the worst case, we can even withdraw the filming permit.
AF: FilmLA does not require a Monitor for every shoot. Monitors are assigned to depending on the size and scope of production and/or neighborhood sensitivity. Similarly, a law enforcement officer may or may not be assigned to a shoot. If no FilmLA monitor or on-site law enforcement officer is available, contact FilmLA directly on the 24/7 line: 213-977-8600. Alternatively you can contact our FilmLA's representative for Altadena, Arturo Pina (213-977-8642,

Note: Jennifer Morelos of FilmLA, Inc. reviewed this posting and suggested changes. Any remaining errors were introduced by your poster, Kenny Meyer.

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