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December 26, 2016

LA County Department of Public clarifies parking and traffic policy for filming permits

This past September, the Altadena Filming Committee met with representatives from the LA County Department of Public Works (DPW).   During that meeting, DPW representatives described the Department's policies used for setting the conditions for the filming permits issued by FilmLA.  They also discussed efforts to improve enforcement of permitted filming conditions.

Meeting minutes from that meeting have now been published to the Altadena Town Council Website. Click here to view the minutes .

Here's a few highlights from that meeting:
  • DPW is developing a standard set traffic management conditions for filming permits in Altadena and the rest of the LA County.
  • DPW uses the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) as the basis for it traffic and parking policies.
  • DPW is aware of special traffic concerns on busy thoroughfares like New York Drive and Altadena Drive.  DPW is looking to establish policies that will alleviate future problems.
  • DPW is initiating a policy of routinely posting 'no parking signs' on both sides of a neighborhood street for permits issues in Altadena.
  • DPW is actively concerned about enforcement of permit conditions. DPW inspectors are visiting filming sites to ensure compliance with permitted filming condition. DPW is also working closely with the Altadena Sheriff.
  • DPW is very concerned and actively interest in filming permit enforcement. DPW now provides a direct contact number to a senior DPW manager who will address permit enforcement issues.
On a related note: The filming committee has started compiling a list of filming resources for Altadeneans looking for information about filming. The list is also available on the Town Council website. Here's a link.


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