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June 26, 2017

Altadena Filming Committee releases End of Year Report

The Altadena Filming Committee completed its End of Year Report. Following the release of the report, the Town Council approved a motion to send it to County Supervisor Barger.

The report is now available on the Altadena Town Council website.  Click here to view or download.

The report includes a summary of the committee's accomplishments, a listing of the undocumented policies and procedures that govern the approval and enforcement of filming permits, a summary of the inputs received from the community, an analysis of root causes for filming-related issues and set of recommendations for addressing these same issues.

In summary, the committee reported there is general community support for location filming in Altadena. However, film shoots have become problematic when "permit conditions are violated [or] when neighbors are not respected." Both a lack of accountability and a lack of transparency were highlighted as root causes. The recommendations in the report were formulated to address these issues, "so as to improve the experience of location filming for the neighbors of location hosts and to maintain a film-friendly environment."

It's worth remembering that, on May 2nd, the County Supervisors requested that LA County Counsel develop "recommended amendments to the County Code, as necessary, to ensure that County departments have the necessary enforcement authority to address violations of film permitting..."

It might just be the Altadena Filming Committee's End of Year Report arrived in time to provide inputs into LA County Counsel's recommended improvements to the County code.

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