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July 28, 2017

Altadena Heritage partners with

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership between Altadena Heritage and

Current Household and Patron members of Altadena Heritage who wish to list their property as a prospective location for a film shoot are eligible for a complimentary listing on the listing page: "Neighbors who would like to host a film shoot."

One of Altadena Heritage’s missions is to support the cultural and architectural preservation in Altadena. A goal of AltadenaFilming is to encourage contributions and participation in local non-profits while supporting the film industry's potential contribution to our local economy. Working together we can provide a mutually beneficial outcome of boosting Altadena’s economic viability while preserving its small-town environment.

There is only one qualification for listing your property: make a contribution to Altadena Heritage. Every request for a listing from a contributor to Altadena Heritage will be accepted. Each listing is covered by annual dues and will appear on the AlatadenaFilming for a year.

If you wish to have a year's listing, but not join Altadena Heritage, click on the GREEN BUTTON below. Be sure to include "I want a listing on" when you make your donation.

For the record, is independent and non-commercial. It receives no financial benefit from donations made to an Altadena nonprofiits. It has no affiliation with any organizations connected with the film industry. does not actively promote its listings to commercial interests.

Whether or not you have an interest in hosting a film shoot, AltadenaFilming hopes you will become a member Altadena Heritage and contribute to their efforts to preserve Altadena's friendly, small town character.

Altadena Heritage is a nonprofit, volunteer-based advocacy organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and raising awareness of the rich architectural, environmental, and cultural heritage of our foothills community.  Your contribution will help preserve Altadena's heritage.

Make a donation to
Each listing lasts 1 year and
can be renewed with additional donations.
Click this button to make a donation
Please add "" in
the "note to the seller" and include
contact information so that we may contact you  
to complete the listing.

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