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July 6, 2018

10 years of filming data for the LA Region now available on this site

AltadenaFilming has posted 10 years of filming data for the LA Region. The data is derived from public records and is freely available on this site.

The data was compiled from publicly available filming permits downloaded from FilmL.A.'s Online Permit System (OPS). We believe this a unique compilation of filming data for the LA Region.

The data was extracted from filming permits issued during the period from the 2nd quarter of 2008 through the 1st quarter of 2018. Over 180,000 permits were collected and analyzed. During the 10-year period, there are more that 300,000 times a Los Angeles-area location was permitted for filming.

Each record of location filming includes the following information:
  • Production company
  • Production title
  • Location manager
  • Permit number (for looking up the actual permit in OPS
  • Permit type (e.g. feature, sitcom, commercial, etc)
  • Year
  • All production dates including prep, filming and strike
  • Total production days for each production activity
  • Location address including street address, city and zip code
  • Type of location (e.g. private residence, school, park, etc.)
  • Jurisdiction (e.g. LA City or LA County)
Here's a link to a directory with filming data for the LA Region:

The data is available as either a zipped tab-delimited text file or an Excel spreadsheet.  If you download the data, please take note of the "readme", "release-information" and "errata" documents.

The data could be used for a variety of studies. For example: the history of filming at a location, the history of filming at private residence or the year-to-year variations in filming frequency for an area zip code. AltadenaFilming used the data to create a filming frequency map of Altadena.

The data was collected as part of project to estimate the amount of untaxed, film-rental income in the Los Angeles region. For an account of how the data was acquired see

AltadenaFilming provides other data sets as well.  To see the complete collection check our our "Filming data" page.

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