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About us is a volunteer effort intended to provide a service to the community. The views expressed here are strictly those of the contributing author. To date, it's just a single contributor, Kenny Meyer.

If you would like to contribute a posting, send a note to

Kenny Meyer, Contributor

Kenny Meyer is a retired software engineer with 25 years software development experience in both large organizations and start ups. Prior to his work in software, Kenny worked for 15 years in TV and film production. During that time he worked in broadcast TV, as well as regional and national commercial productions, industrial films and national political campaigns.

He has been a resident of Altadena since 1994. He became interested in filming in Altadena as a result of frequent filming in his neighborhood and the sometimes-divisive effect roused among neighbors. Since then he's been working to promote fairness in filming with a goal of creating a welcoming environment for film crews while acknowledging the impact filming has on some neighbors. advisory group

Since first appeared in the Spring 2016, its content has been strongly influenced by the helpful advice of neighbors. As the site gains visibility, it becomes increasingly important to have trusted advisors, a kind of editorial board, to keep the site's content on track with its main goals (see about this site).

With this in mind, I have invited a few of our community members to serve as an informal advisory group.

Please note: the views expressed here don’t necessarily represent the views of the advisory group members. The advisory group serves only to provide editorial advice helping ensure maintains a balanced approach.

Advisory Group members:
The following members of our community have agreed to be part of the Advisory Group: Bob Allen, Susan Carlisle, Ann Chomyn, Russ Fega, Bob Nigbor, Michael Spicer, and Bonnie Lund. I am deeply appreciative of their willingness to help make AltadenaFilming a fair and reliable resource.

Altadena Heritage article on the origins of
Altadena Heritage published an article describing the events that led to the creation of The article appears in the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of the Altadena Heritage Newsletter.  Click here to see the article,

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