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Photos, footage and historical notes

Altadena has been a population site for the movie industry for a 100 years. We collected a few photos and some historic footage that captures some history of filming in our community.

If you have photos or footage related to the film industry in Altadena and are willing to share with your neighbors, please contact us .

Do you know of other films shot in Altadena? Please let us know and we'll update the list.

A few films shot in Altadena
The following list comes from a brochure from the 1996 home tour "Hollywood comes to Altadena (May 5, 1996)

starring Craig Nelson and JoBeth Williams

Dirty Dancing
starring Patric Swayze

Say Anything
starring John Cusack

starring Michael Keaton and Geena Davis

Voice of a Stranger
starring Gregory Harrison

Christmas in Connecticutt
starring Dyan Cannon and Kris Kristofferson

starring Danny Devito

In addition, Altadena has been used as a location in many other films including: X-files, Criminal Minds, Interstellar, Sienfeld, Beverly Hills 90210, Desparate Housewives, Six Feet Under, Murder by Numbers, and many others. Click here to see the complete IMDB list.

Historical films

What the Doctor ordered
The Altadena Historical Society has provided a link to silent film shot when the Mt. Lowe Railway was still running. The film offers views of the Echo Mountain funicular, the White Hotel and the Alpine Tavern.

Educational films

Eaton's Water
The Altadena Foothill Conservancy in conjunction with Art Center School of Design sponsored Eaton's Water an educational film about Benjamin Eaton efforts to provide water for early settlers of Pasadena. The film was written and directed by Sally Levi. For more information see Eaton's Water: A nearly forgotten episode in Altadena history

Eaton's Water (14 minutes, 2006)

Historical photos
Woodbury House
The Woodbury House remains a popular location,
 over 50 filming permits were issued 2012-15 
Altadena was once a popular spot for stunt flying
Taken at the Cecil B. Demille airstrip

Stunt fliers and wing walkers
The wing walk on the far left doubled for Houdini

Actress Ann Forest poses with stunt airmen during filming of the Grim Game

Jeanne MacPherson (1920)
Screenwriter, actress, companion of Cecil B. Demille
Mount Wilson Toll House at Eaton Canyon

Dedication of Cecil B. Demille airfield
photo taken at Sinola and Medwick

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