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Film Permit Map

The Altadena filming map was updated in July 2018.  For more information see:

The map picture below shows the locations in Altadena where filming permits were issued from June 2012 to December 2015.

Each location icon on the map shows the following information:
  • The number of shoots for each location
  • The production names of each shoot
  • The rank of each location where #1 has the most shoots in Altadena
The information can be seen by clicking on any icon. For example if you would like to see the list of productions permitted to use the cemetery, just click on the icon positioned over the cemetery. In addition the number of permitted issued for each location is identified by icon type and color. And, if you "view the larger map" by clicking on the 4-cornered box in the upper right of the map, you can find more information in the description located at the top of the map legend (left portion of the screen).

Note: The data was not obtained directly from FilmLA, however, their representative has acknowledged that they are the source of this data.

A few statistics derived from the map

  • Total permits listed: 1435
  • Permits were issued to 387 unique locations
  • 40% of the permits were issued to 15 locations
  • On average, 478 permits were issued each year or about 10 permits per week. If film companies remain on location an average 2.5 days, there are an average 25 film shoot days per week or about 5 shoots occurring on any given day in Altadena.
  • 96% of the locations that were issued permits for hosting film shoots received 3 permits or less in a year.
  • 12 locations were issued, on average, 7 or more permits per year

Want to see the whole shebang?

Here's a link to a document that summarizes all permits/location

Here's a link to document that list of all productions by name

If you have Google Earth, you can get a better view. Here's a .kmz file

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