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List of Community Members who would like to host a film shoot provides a list of community members who are interested in meeting film location managers. The list is part of our effort to broaden the benefits the Altadena community enjoys from film shoots and to support Altadena nonprofit organizations. If you make a donation to an Altadena nonprofit, we would like to add your name to the list.

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TIP: See the California Film Commission Website for suggestions for how to market your property to film companies.

TIP: To see an industry-wide list of location-service businesses (i.e. businesses that can help film companies find you property), see the Location Managers Guild Website. Under the "Member Directory" tab, select "By services offered." When the new page appears, use the drop-down menu next to the "Business Member Category” to select the “location service” option.

Altadena non-profits
The following non-profits have given their permission to be listed here.
Note: If an Altadena nonprofit would like to be added to this list, please contact us at:

Altadena Heritage is a nonprofit, volunteer-based advocacy organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and raising awareness of the rich architectural, environmental, and cultural heritage of our foothills community.  Your contribution will help preserve Altadena's heritage.

Make a donation to
Each listing lasts 1 year and
can be renewed with additional donations.
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Please add "I want a listing on" in the "write a note" text box .
Full disclosure note: Kenny Meyer joined the Altadena Heritage board in December 2017

About this "List of Community Members"
Filming on location in Altadena provides an important source of income for many in the community. However, while individuals who host film shoots receive compensation, Altadena, as a community, does not receive any direct financial benefit. All filming permit fees paid by film companies go to fund LA County’s contracted film permitting service, FilmLA. No collected fees are allocated to our community.

This list of community members represents a modest initiative to provide a small direct benefit to our community by asking those who seek to host film shoots to make a small donation to those nonprofits dedicated to preserving the history and character of our community.

There are no qualifications for being listed. All listings are accepted.  This list of “Community Members who would like to host a film shoot” does not in any way represent an official listing for Altadena.

For the record, is independent and non-commercial.  It receives no financial benefit from donations made to an Altadena nonprofiits. It has no affiliation with any organizations connected with the film industry. AF does not actively promote its listings to commercial interests.

Please note: There are other venues for expressing an interest in hosting a film shoot. (see the California Film Commission's pamphlet "Your Property In A Starring Role" for suggestions.)

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