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Neighborhood Survey Results

A film company that shoots in your neighborhood is an invited guest. A well-behaved filming company preserves a welcome for those who follow. A poorly behaved filming company creates lingering ill feelings. The same might be said for guests that never leave for they test the limits of tolerance. If these negative experiences are unchecked, a neighborhood may become hostile to filming.

Both LA County and FilmLA recognize a need to impose standards for film crew behavior and a reasonable limit on filming in a neighborhood. The LA County ordinance that establishes filming permits (Part 14; Section 22.56.1830) prescribes the very purpose of permits is to "mitigate adverse effects or incompatibility between such short-term land uses activities and the surrounding area where these temporary activities are proposed."

Along those lines, FilmLA has published a professional guideline for filmmakers called the "Filmmakers' code of professional responsibility."

In addition, it is important that the on-site law officers and the FIlmLA Monitors are vigilant to safety concerns and permit violations. If they are unresponsive or indifferent, it creates the impression that the our government officials are indifferent to the concerns of neighbors.

Are film companies good guests? Have the law officers enforced the permits? Does FilmLA meet the "incompatibility" requirements? No one knows.

Unfortunately, neither FilmLA nor any County government service seek feedback on the impact of a film shoot from neighbors. They take no measure of the effect, positive or negative, of a film shoot to determine if film production has created an "incompatibility" with the neighborhood.

In order to fill this gap, we have provided a "Post-Shoot Neighborhood Survey." Since the data are collected after film shoots, the survey provides the best information about the conduct of the production company and the attitude of the neighbors towards film shoots in their neighborhood. The collected survey information can provide valuable information to FilmLA in their permit approval decision process.

The collected responses will be periodically collated in a report and forwarded to FilmLA and the relevant county services. All reports will be posted here for comment and feedback.

Please let us know about the 
last film shoot in your neighborhood.

Homewood Surveys

The following survey were conducted after film shoots on Homewood Drive
  • Survey of Homewood Neighbors after October 1-7, 2015 Film Shoot
  • Summary: In the past, the Homewood/Porter neighborhood has been subject to overuse as a film-shoot location. For a recent shoot, the film-shoot hosts took several unusual steps to address neighbor concerns about disruptions to neighborhood peace and quiet. After the shoot, a brief survey was taken to poll neighbors’ opinions about the shoot. A large majority found a very low incidence of disruptive factors. However, a minority did find the filming an intrusive disruption. Based on the success of this film shoot, this report includes several recommendations for accommodating both those that support film shoots and those who object to them. It also includes recommendations for both FilmLA and our local government.
  • Survey of Homewood Neighbors after December 14-16, 2015 Film Shoot
  • Summary: On December 14-16, 2015, Reset Content, LLC conducted a three day shoot (including prep/shoot/strike) for a Chase commercial. The permit for this shoot was issued by FilmLA in violation of the Homewood Special Filming Conditions. About half the respondents reported that filming conditions were met, but none reported that the filming disrupted their activities. One finding of note: neighbors were nearly evenly split on the questions over “Approval of film shoots on Homewood” and “Is the neighborhood is overused for on-location film shoots?” The response is highly correlated to proximity to the shoot.
  • Survey of Homewood Neighbors after January 12-15, 2016 Film Shoot
  • Summary: On January 13-15, 2016, Humble (Productions) conducted a four-day shoot (including prep/shoot/strike) for an Eliquis commercial. The neighborhood was not properly notified of the shoot. There were several reports that parking conditions were not met and not enforced by the onsite CHP officer. Four out of twelve neighbors described the filming a “major” or “significant” intrusion. The intrusions and lax permit enforcement may contribute to the result that half the respondents report that Homewood is overused as a spot for on-location filming.
  • Survey of Homewood neighbors after April 6, 2016 film shoot
    Summary: On April 6, 2016, Interrogate Productions conducted a four-day shoot (including prep/shoot/strike) for a B of A commercial. Neighbors reported an improvement in the compliance of permit conditions. However, parking and film crew smoking remain problems. In addition, there was a report of a crew member being disrespectful to neighbors. Neighborhood support for filming remains evenly split, but there appears to be a growing consensus that that Homewood is overused as a filming location—even among neighbors who support filming. Notably, a pre-shoot survey was conducted, but with poor follow through. The poor follow through may contribute to mistrust in the fairness of permitting process and a negative attitude toward filming.
  • Transplant Film Shoot on Braeburn after April 21 through May 5, 2016 film shoot (collect correspondence and documentation)
    Summary: On April 21, 2016, Transplant Films conducted a three-week film shoot that created a significant disruption for several neighbors on Braeburn. Despite concerns from the neighbors, FilmLA issued a filming permit that included several all night shoots.  After the shoot FilmLA reached out to address the concerns of the affected Braeburn neighbors.  The above link includes a collection of correspondence and other documents that were generated as a result of the shoot.

Other Neighborhood Surveys

Contact if you would like help distributing a survey for your neighborhood.

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