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February 3, 2019

Netflix's Bird Box: Map of filming locations

Last week a friend asked, "Is that Bird Box house in Altadena?"

She was referring to the new Netflix hit movie that has triggered a new fad. Blind-folded fans are taking selfies in front of a Bird Box location in Monrovia.

If you follow this blog, you'll know that last year Altadena Filming created database of LA-area locations used for filming during the last 10 years. The data was extracted from filming permits obtained from FilmL.A.'s Online Permit System (OPS). Since Bird Box was shot about a year ago, our database should have included some of the Bird Box locations.

Sure enough, a quick search turned up about a dozen and a half locations. Four of those locations were in Altadena.

Here at AltadenaFilming we aim to please. As a service to Bird Box fans hankering to get more selfies, Altadena Filming has posted a a map several of the locations used for the production. (We have the data; why not!)

Map of locations used in the production of the Netflix film Bird Box

It's almost certain this location list is incomplete. Our database does not include data from shoots in areas not serviced by FilmL.A. In addition, FilmL.A. does not post all the permits they process — data from those permits were not collected.

A bit of info about the map...
If you click on a map marker, a legend will appear with information about that location. For example, the legend will show the days when the location was used, the address of the location, the type of location, and more.

The legend also includes a link to the actual filming permit. If you haven't seen one, there's quite a bit of information about the production company's plans for the location. For example, there are diagrams of street closures, the cost of the filming permit, the filming conditions, a brief description of the filming activity planned at that location, and more.

If you are interested in how and why this filming data was obtained, check out our postings that describe the data collection effort. And, for those with an appetite for data describing 10 years of filming in LA, the database is publicly available. (Check out our Filming Data page)