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January 6, 2020

AltadenaFilming FAQ updated

It's been quiet here at AltadenaFilming. Our last post was nearly a year ago. We've been waiting for the publication of the much-delayed update of the Altadena Filming FAQ from the Altadena Filming Committee. As that excuse ran thin, we've were waiting for the oft promised update of LA County's filiming ordinance.1 And as that prospect seems to have dried up, we've were waiting for Supervisor Barger's response to the Filming Committee's report documenting the County's lack of accountability when it comes to filming permit enforce ment.2
He took the bull by the horns; but- - Keppler. LCCN2010652173

Now it's the new year and AltadenaFilming figured it was a good time to take the bull by the horns. We are publishing a slightly modified version of the the Altadena Filming Committee's new FAQ. One day the Committee might publish the FAQ to the Altadena Town Council website, but in the mean time, it's available here.

You can find the updated FAQ at

1 In May 2017 the LA County Supervisors passed a motion asking the County departments to "to review and within 60 days, provide recommended amendments to the County Code, as necessary, to ensure that County departments have the necessary enforcement authority to address violations of the film permitting process by property owners and production companies." The LA Count Film Liaison has ensured us that the proposed amendments would be presented to the public in public meetings. Initially the proposals were to be presented in the Fall of 2017. In the latest rendition, they were promised for this past December. I suppose in time the motion will vanish from the public memory and the amendments will no longer be needed.

2 In the Summer of 2018 the Filming committee wrote a report on the issues of accountability in filming. Because Supervisor Barger's response to the report was did not address the issues raised, the Committee has sent a follow-on letter asking Supervisor Barger to revisit the report and support the effort to provide meaningful enforcment of filming permit violations. What will happens next is a job for the pundits.